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Buy a Florida Medical Business Buy a Florida Pest Control Business?

Buy a Florida Pest Control Business and immediately tap into steady, secure recurring revenue!

Buying an operating Pest Control Business in Florida is a great choice. With the sub tropical climate there exists three outstanding success factors:

Buy a Florida Pest Control BusinessStatistics show that only about half of businesses, that employ people, are still operating five years after they open.

It makes absolute sense to buy a successful, established pest control business. An operating business has passed the test of time and involves less risk than a startup. Also, easier to get financing due to the lower risk of failure.

You can start planning now to increase the probability of a success
by purchasing an established pest control business in Florida - a state with year round insect problems! Also, with more dangerous pests like scorpions and the upsurge in populations of brown recluse and black widow spiders, Florida pest control is not just a convenience business, but often a necessary service.

In tough economic times many "non essentials" businesses such as cable TV and pool maintenence are suffering lagging revenues. At the same time, businesses that address more pressing needs like plumbing and pest control are thriving. People may drop HBO or "the pool boy", but they all find the necessary funds if there is two inches of water on the kitchen floor or termites are eating their home!

Recurring Revenue
The pest control business is attractive to many entrepreneuers because of its recurring revenue model. Though large scale jobs like tenting office buildings, etc is prime income, month in - month out, base revenue maintains the bottom line via home and office maintenence contracts. The Florida pest control industry is steady, year round income. In the pest control industry, value is especially driven by ongoing and recurring revenues.

Buying an Existing Pest Control Business in Florida
risk, as many businesses go under in the first three years. Buying an existing business is basically letting someone else take the risks and deliver a proven product to you. There are some entrepreneurs that do nothing but start up businesses and sell them in peak condition. Then start another and sell again. We also stated that the pest control industry in Florida is less subject to seasonal spikes and dips - it is a year round revenue source.

Know The Reason The Seller is SellingRetirement, moving to another state, divorce and settlement of assets and burnout or inability to further manage the business are common reasons.The leading reason for failure is mismanagement. If the business has been poorly managed you may have an opportunity to buy at an attractive price and use your superior management abilities to turn the business around.

In the latter case, the goal of any potential buyer will be to use his experience in the pest control business to grow the company’s revenues and profits by increasing the number and quality of accounts, improving service, increasing efficiency and decreasing unnecessary overhead. Doing so will require a dedicated team to put in the necessary time and return the business to profitability again.

Buying an Existing Pest Control Business Via a Strategic Third-Party Sale
Perhaps the most widely known of the three buyer options is an outright sale to a third party. Usually, a third-party sale means that you, as the business buyer will acquire100 percent ownership interest in exchange for cash.

This type of transaction is typically referred to as a sale to a “strategic buyer.” The buyer is strategic in the sense that he will typically already active in the industry and ise looking to expand his business through acquisitions. Your company must fit the buyer’s acquisition profile, in a number of logical criteria.

The fact is, since there are so many pest control businesses in Florida, there is a constant turnover and always opportunities to buy, merge or acquire operating businesses with existing client bases.

Business Brokerage Solutions LLC.is an active player in the Florida pest control industry and always has a quality opportunity for a qualified buyer!

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