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Sell Florida Pest Control Business

Sell Florida Pest Control Business with Pest Control business sales and acquisition guru, Jim Straza

Sell Florida Pest Control Business Business Brokerage Solutions and Jim Straza Are proud members of the Florida Pest Management Association.

We strive to keep abreast of all developments in the Pest Control industry, whether they be the concerns of top level management, entrepreneurs, or the day to day operations of the pest control professionals in the field.

We are Pest Control business sales specialists!

My name is Jim Straza  and I have been involved in Business Brokerage in Florida for over 21 years.

My company, Business Brokerage Solutions specializes in the sale of Pest Control Businesses in the state of Florida.

My primary concern upon listing a Pest Control Business is confidentiality. I want to keep the marketing and the eventual sale confidential from competitors, clients and employees. My next concern is pricing the company correctly.

Sell Florida Pest Control Business: When pricing a company you must look at comparables of like kind Pest Control Companies that have sold and what is currently on the market. If you price the company to high it will be passed over by quality buyers, if the company is underpriced the owner will not realize optimal price they deserve for building a successful company.

I always require a buyer to execute a Confidentiality Agreement, Financial Statement and if unknown to me they have to send an overview of their Business Background, more specifically in the Pest Control field. The owner then approves the prospect or tells me to not accept their inquiry.

Pest Control Businesses that are priced correctly should sell within 6 months or less.

Please contact me without obligation to discuss the possible sale of your Pest Control Business.

Sell Florida Pest Control Business: Fill Out Easy Our Online Form For SELLLING Your Pest Control Business!

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Sell Florida Pest Control Business

Sell Florida Pest Control Business